Galloper Windfarm Substation

Anglia Formwork successfully secured the remainder of the works and are now coming to the end of the contract at Galloper. We have been there 35 weeks and have constructed hundreds of equipment foundations along with Transformers Bunds, Shunt Reactors, SVC and GIS Buildings.

We are currently constructing equipment foundations in the GIS Undercroft and have a number of CCTV bases and Lighting column foundations to install in the coming weeks.



Moreton Hall School Bury St. Edmunds

Anglia Formwork have recently completed the formwork, reinforcement and concrete works at Moreton Hall School. The works consisted of reinforced concrete foundations, around 4,000 m2 of reinforced ground floor slab and 2,500 m2 of first floor composite slab.  We also constructed a biomass boiler room which involved constructing 8 m high concrete walls.



Galloper Windfarm Onshore

Anglia Formwork have been appointed as the sub-contractor for the FRC works to the GIS and SVC structures on the new development at Galloper Onshore Wind farm Sub-station. We are hoping to secure the remainder of the works for the development.



Denver Sluice Fish and Eel Pass

Anglia Formwork have recently finished constructing a fish and eel pass in Denver. Parts of the fish pass were complex such as the resting pool which required unique formwork design.

Project Duration:   5 Months

october 2015 458
october 2015 467
october 2015 412
october 2015 465
october 2015 462
october 2015 457
october 2015 451
october 2015 438
october 2015 428
october 2015 425

The Oak’s Gt. Ellingham Eco House

For the past 12 weeks Anglia Formwork has been constructing a passive Eco house located in Gt. Ellingham. The design of the house is round and constructed from cast in-situ concrete, this has required bespoke formwork shutters to be made for the large walls and tight radius’s. We are now nearing completion of our works, the ground floor slab, walls and first floor slab have been cast leaving the first floor walls to complete.

october 2015 695
october 2015 500
the oaks (9)
the oaks first floor
the oaks (14)
the oaks (19)
october 2015 498
october 2015 494
the oaks (4)
the oaks (6)
the oaks (16)
the oaks (10)
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the oaks (1)

Race Bank RC Works

Over the last 3 months Anglia Formwork has been constructing multiple equipment bases and LCC foundations. Which is located next to our neighbouring project the onshore sub-station in Walpole St Peter. We have just completed 70 foundations which were cast in-situ using timber shutters.

october 2015 665
october 2015 671
october 2015 667
october 2015 673
october 2015 676
october 2015 666
october 2015 672

Race Bank Onshore Sub-Station Walpole St Peter

Anglia Formwork have started work at Race Bank Onshore Sub-station completing the FRC work’s for J.N. Murphy and their client DONG Energy. The substation will consist of a number of concrete structures such as water retaining bunds for transformers and shunt reactors, harmonic filters and numerous other equipment foundations.

We just started the foundations for the GIS Building which has around 50 tonne of reinforcement and 500m3 of concrete, we are currently waterproofing the structure using Grace Constructions Preprufe 300R & 800PA.

october 2015 643
october 2015 639
october 2015 641
october 2015 638
october 2015 635
october 2015 345
october 2015 173
walpole gis (18)
walpole gis (14)
walpole gis (10)
shunts (10)
shunts (1)


Cromer Attenuation Tank

cromer attenuation tank 012
cromer attenuation tank 011
cromer attenuation tank 005
cromer attenuation tank 021
cromer attenuation tank 017
cromer attenuation tank 019
cromer attenuation tank 022
cromer attenuation tank 028
cromer attenuation tank 038


Anglia Formwork will have completed the concrete attenuation tank for Norfolk Homes this week.  The water retaining tank is over 40m long, 10m wide and could potentially hold around 800 cubic meters of water. The precast panels which form the roof were lifted into place last week along with the first part of the roof screed being poured. The job has moved along nicely and still is on target to meet the original 8 week program.

Norwich Airport Engine Test Facility



For the past month Anglia Formwork have been constructing the noise protection beam at the new engine test facility for Norwich city airport. The beam is 150m long and made from 570 cubic meters of concrete. The job is running on program and will be completed as planned.

King Street New Property Development

cannon 2015 316
cannon 2015 315
cannon 2015 314
cannon 2015 313
cannon 2015 305
cannon 2015 302
cannon 2015 139
cannon 2015 131
cannon 2015 125
cannon 2015 124


Anglia Formwork successfully completed the RC works’ to King Streets new property development, where a number of flats and apartments are being constructed above a ground floor commercial unit. Our RC work’s included the ground beams, columns and podium slab which were all finished to a high standard.

Program Duration:      12 Weeks

Concrete:                    422.3 m3

Reinforcement:           40 Tonne