cannon 2015 043
cannon 2015 315
steps 4
wall construction (3)
curved wall
eye wind turbine pour
placing concrete
falsework support
concrete frame construction
concrete frame construction (5)
concrete frame construction (3)
Branch Bridge - complete

Welcome to Anglia Formwork

Anglia Formwork is one of East Anglia’s leading Formwork Contractors.

Established in 2004, Anglia formwork offers a complete service for the construction of all reinforced concrete structures. From small individual structures to large concrete framed buildings, we have the skill and expertise to build them all.

Working in all major sectors of the construction industry we have the capability and experience to deliver the highest standards of quality and safety, within budget and on program, in any environment.

Latest News

  • Galloper Windfarm Substation
    Anglia Formwork successfully secured the remainder of the works and are now coming to the end of the contract at Galloper. We have been there 35 weeks and have constructed hundreds of equipment founda...(read more)